segunda-feira, 25 de junho de 2007

Happy Few

As minhas tentativas para, com e-mails e telefonemas, levar mais algumas pessoas a ver Gatz, dos Elevator Repair Service, foram quase tão inglórias quanto as do narrador Nick Carraway para conseguir ter alguns amigos presentes no enterro de Gatsby:

“The funeral’s to-morrow,” I said. “Three o’clock, here at the house. I wish you’d tell anybody who’d be interested.”
“Oh, I will,” he broke out hastily. “Of course I’m not likely to see anybody, but if I do.”
His tone made me suspicious.
“Of course you’ll be there yourself.”
“Well, I’ll certainly try. What I called up about is—”
“Wait a minute,” I interrupted. “How about saying you’ll come?”
“Well, the fact is—the truth of the matter is that I’m staying with some people up here in Greenwich, and they rather expect me to be with them to-morrow. In fact, there’s a sort of picnic or something. Of course I’ll do my very best to get away.”
I ejaculated an unrestrained “Huh!” and he must have heard me, for he went on nervously:
“What I called up about was a pair of shoes I left there. I wonder if it’d be too much trouble to have the butler send them on. You see, they’re tennis shoes, and I’m sort of helpless without them. My address is care of B. F.—”

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

4 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

pára lá de te queixares, isto é muito injusto para aqueles de nós que foram e deliraram.

patrícia disse...

(é a patrícia)

FF disse...

Don't get me wrong, os que foram é que são os "happy few" e são as melhores pessoas do mundo!

patrícia disse...

não sei se são as melhores, mas são as mais sortudas, sem dúvida :)